The Tale of Imandra

There was a beautiful woman, more fair than any other. She lived alone in a crude hut near the river where it was it’s marshiest and the reeds grew tall and thick. It was rumored that she had traveled from a distant land seeking shelter for an unknown offense and that her lineage was also unknown. Her skin was golden brown and her eyes were deepest green. Her lips were soft and colored like a tulip flower. Her curly, dark hair hung about her shoulders. It was the color of darkest night and shone like lapis lazuli. She wore gems of ruby and carnelian and her hair was adorned with golden ornaments. Her smile would light up the darkest night. It was so rare that when she did, you were glad to be in her presence. Her speech was eloquent and calculated. She was not one to engage in idle chatter. It was evident to all that she had been fashioned by the gods.

A farmer spotted her bathing in a lake one day while attending to business in the fields. He was struck with love. He immediately inquired about her but no one knew about her business. One day he found her playing by the lake. He dared approach her and, to his surprise, she welcomed his presence. She told him that she was lonely. Her name was Imandra. He would visit her every night after a hard day out in the field. They became fond of each other and fell in love. One night she presented him with a task. She would love him forever if he would bear to her all of his secrets. He unhesitatingly complied.

Not long into their courtship, she would notice that his visits became less frequent. She begged him to tell her of his whereabouts but he refused. She told him that if he did not consent to her wishes, that he would forever be alone. He continued to elude her. The secret was that he had become interested in men and had been frequenting social gatherings at a farmers house, not far from his own. One night, at such a gathering, there was a knock on the door. A man from out of town came to visit. He said he had traveled far and had become lost. He had eyes of the deepest green and striking dark hair. They had never seen a more handsome fellow in town. He was weary. When the man entered the house, he spotted the farmer whom Imandra loved. The man grabbed the farmer by his testicles as the others stood by. As he twisted, the man transformed into someone familiar. Imandra grinned evilly as she continued to twist and then took out a flint knife and chopped off the testicles. Blood spurted everywhere and Imandra finished the job by feeding him his own testicles to eat. As he writhed on the ground, he looked up and saw the man staring back at him again. He said to the farmer, “You could have had everything you wanted if only you’d been faithful, for this is my true form. Now, you will forever be alone.”

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